Jeanne Christie's Previous Work Experience

2001-8/2018    Executive Director, Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM)


  • Responsible for developing overall strategic directions and programs for the Association of State Wetland Managers in coordination with the Board of Directors.  These include national policy and science priorities as well as activities related to leading a nonprofit organization including; fundraising, program development and implementation, training, web design and content, and other activities associated with directing a nonprofit organization.

  • Supervised seven staff employed at ASWM.

  • Served as liaison with individual state wetland managers and other state nonprofit organizations, Congressional committees, federal agencies, tribes, academics, scientists, local government and other wetland, water resource, wildlife and natural hazard management professionals.

  • Provided tailored assistance to individual states on state wetland dredge and fill programs, wetland mapping, wetland water quality standard development, wetland and stream restoration programs, integration of state and federal Farm Bill programs, Clean Water Act jurisdiction  policy issues, integrations of wetland programs with state and federal natural hazard program, dam removal/anadromous fish passage and other technical assistance topics.

  • Developed and advised on training and capacity building programs for wetland professionals.

  • Steering committee member of Wetland Mapping Consortium and Natural Floodplain Function Alliance.

  • Highlights: provided leadership for state program summary project, state wetland mapping project, state wetland climate change project, Clean Water Act §401 certification project,  Clean Water Act §404(g) state assumption project, Clean Water Act nationwide general permitting project, In Lieu Fee program project, state wetland strategic planning project, wetland restoration permitting project,  and stream identification delineation and mitigation project. Provided direction and support for water quality standards for wetlands project, state programmatic permits project, state wetland program plan project, improving wetland restoration success project, state wetland training project, coastal wetland loss due to silviculture project, coastal invasive species webinar series project, basic wetland training for U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service staff, and advanced compensatory mitigation training for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Planned and facilitated ASWM’s Federal/State Cooperation Meeting annually 2001-2018

  • Planned and Facilitated ASWM’s National Annual Meeting 2001-2008


1999-2000       Associate Director, Association of State Wetland Managers


  • Planned and facilitated Wetlands Outreach Meeting, September 1999

  • Organized and facilitated ASWM’s Federal/State Wetlands Meeting, February 2000

  • Directed development of 3-year plan

  • Editor for Quarterly Newsletter, Wetland News


1995-1999      Resource Conservationist, U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Wetlands and Watersheds Division


  • National Program Leader for Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program created in the 1996 Farm Bill—facilitated development of regulations, environmental assessment, cost benefit analysis, public outreach, training, program handbook, annual OMB budget requests, allocation of funding, policy revisions/clarification and overall implementation nationally. 


  • Other work as assigned including endangered species policy, conferences, Congressional correspondence, software, briefing materials for senior staff, various policy issues and initiatives related to NRCS programs including Wetlands Reserve Program, Small Watershed Program, National Resources Inventory Program, GPS use guidance etc.


1993-1994     Acting Branch Chief, Wetland Strategies and State Programs Branch, Wetlands Division, Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds,  U. S. Environmental Protection Agency


  • Charged with development of national strategies, programs, regulations and policies to promote development of State, Tribal, and local programs to protect wetlands.

  • Supervised 19 staff (12 permanent and 7 on various types of internships).


1992-1993     Chief, Outreach and State Program Section, Wetlands Division, Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, USEPA


  • Responsible for influencing development of USEPA policies/programs, developing State, Indian, local and private sector programs; directing public information initiatives; international activities; analysis of authorizing statutes, legislative histories, judicial interpretations, and regulations of federal agencies that impact wetlands.

  • Supervised 6 full time employees.


1988-1992     Environmental Protection Specialist, USEPA


  • Worked extensively with federal agencies to provide national direction to integrate wetlands protection into natural resource/natural hazards management, agriculture, floodplains, multi-objective river corridor management, and management of federal lands.  These included Department of Interior agencies such as the National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Facilitated meetings, workshops and conferences on wetlands,  floodplain management and multi-objective river corridor management


1986-1988     Associate Editor, J.T.& A. Associates


  • Part time editorial review for Lake and Reservoir Management, an international journal of the North American Lake Management Society.


1985-1988       Program and Planning Analyst, Bureau of Water Resources Management, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


  • Supervised implementation of 208 Watershed Planning grant with Southeastern Regional Planning Commission on various water issues including wetlands, groundwater, water quality permits, and surface water.

  • Co-leader in development of Lower Green Bay Remedial Action Plan, an ecosystem plan for restoration of a near shore area of the Great Lakes to address toxics in lake bottom sediments.


  • Assisted in large stream wasteload allocation studies to ensure paper mill discharges were held to standards that provided adequate oxygen levels in rivers for aquatic life.

1978-1980       Sports Editor and Chief Photographer, Ellsworth American, Ellsworth, Maine


  • Responsible for content, layout and photographs for a 2-3 page Sports Section as well as providing photographs and managing the dark room for an award winning weekly newspaper. 


Other   Natural Interpreter, Outdoor Education Instructor, Environmental Analyst, Adult Ed Instructor (digital photography), Registered Maine Guide, Certified Forest Therapy Guide




Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Maine at Presque Isle

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, University of Maine at Presque Isle


Awards (partial list)


  • Environmental Partnership Award, Association of Clean Water Administrators (2015)

  • Partners of Office of Water Award, USEPA (2009)

  •  National Wetlands Award for Education and Outreach, Environmental Law Institute (2007)

  • Certificate of Commendation, U.S. Department of Justice (2003)

  • Honors Awardee, USDA (1997)

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