Areas of Expertise

Christie Consulting Services, LLC assists clients in carrying out studies, designing and implementing training and organizing meetings directed to achieving integrated science and policy solutions for wetlands and aquatic resource protection, conservation and management.
Wetland and Aquatic Resource Programs

Across the country federal, tribal, state, and local wetland and aquatic resource programs are challenged with change often due to circumstances beyond their control.


Christie Consulting Services has in depth knowledge of federal and state wetland-related programs nationwide as a foundation for developing program evaluations, case studies, best practice summaries, peer to peer sharing and program capacity building recommendations to provide assistance.

Applied Science

Balanced, fair and predictable wetland and aquatic resource programs and policies are based on good science. New science can lead to opportunities to improve programs. Historically the evolution of natural resource policies have often required advancements in applied science. However, the explorations of the area where public policy and applied science intersect require careful analysis and the engagement a broad array of stakeholder to support adoption of new concepts and practices.  Christie  Consulting Services can  support successful navigation of the science/policy interface.


Program Integration Opportunities
Strategic Reports and Evaluations

There are numerous underutilized opportunities to simultaneously achieve the goals of more than one program using ‘natural capital’ including water quality protection, natural hazard reduction, wildlife management and climate change mitigation.  With its existing network of contacts in agencies, and organization Christie Consulting Services is uniquely positioned to identify opportunities to achieve multiple program goals through the conservation, protection and restoration of wetlands and other aquatic resources.  

Reports and Evaluations often form the foundation for articulating the challenges and opportunities for program and policy revisions. 


In addition the process for acquiring information--including opportunities for partnership building as well as the development of a communication strategy to support implementation of recommendations--provide crucial opportunities for fair, balanced, and meaningful change.

Meeting Facilitation

Sometimes effective meeting facilitation requires a facilitator experienced in the area of science and/or program policy under discussion. 


Christie Consulting Services has extensive experience facilitating discussions among diverse, professions and interest groups to explore avenues for developing partnerships to foster successful working relationships and balanced, meaningful decision-making.  Areas of expertise included fresh water and coastal wetlands and aquatic resources, wildlife, watersheds, natural hazards (flooding, hurricanes, etc.), and more.


Remote, classroom and hands on training provide different and important opportunities to enhance knowledge and professional expertise.  Christie Consulting Services has extensive experience designing training particularly for aquatic resource professionals with an existing knowledge base as well as those new to the topic area. This includes designing and carrying out webinars, onsite training programs, regional workshops, national conferences, and hands-on in-the-field learning experiences.  Training can be designed as a standalone activity or integrated using more than one of the approaches described above.


Founded on over 30 years of

Experience in wetlands, wildlife and watershed policy, programs, and science

Christie Consulting Services, LLC has the expertise you need.